Why and how


Three people. Two bikes. 5000 kilometres of pedal power across America from Washington State to Washington DC.

From mid July 2016 best friends Travis and Fiona and their seven year old autistic son Patch will join forces as a family to take on a challenging adventure and celebrate their incredible bond.

Their aim is to build Patch’s experiences as they camp in the wild, meet new people, and most importantly show him anything is possible.

Along the way Fiona and Travis have already arranged some unique experiences and will be teaming up with some amazing individuals to build a bank of positive associations for their son.

Patch is a super kid. He has come so far since being diagnosed with autism at 21 months of age and has received what many have told them is some of the most dedicated therapy they have seen. Patch has severe impairments in both expressive and receptive language, socialisation, repetitive and restricted interests and motor planning delays. He has a love of movement and has only ever played with toys for short moments in his life.

Over the years Fiona and Travis have taught Patch literacy and numeracy using everything from horse riding, jumping on a trampoline, piggybacks, skateboarding using a supermarket trolley, motorbike riding and even towel swings.  His strength as a kinesthetic learner is one of the key reasons they are hitting the road by bicycles and going back to basics.

Travis and seven year old Patch will be riding a Hase Pino Tour, which is a specially designed semi recumbent tandem to assist people with disabilities. Fiona will ride alongside the boys on a foldable bicycle called a Bike Friday Pocket Llama.

Fiona, Travis and Patch invite you to join them on their trip across America and follow them as they achieve something exceptional together as a family.