Patch’s Support Crew

Thank you to all the organisations and individuals who have supported Patch to achieve his best and learn while exploring the world.

Supplier, distributor and major supporter of the Hase Pino Touring Bicycle Patch and Travis are riding. The trip would not have been possible without their support.
Supplier of quality camera equipment
Distributer of Canon cameras
Supplier and manufacturer of the Child Safety Signs and feet support system mounted on Patch’s bicycle
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Thanks Bike Friday for building a personalised bicycle for our support crew
Supplier of theTomTom Bandit 4K Camera mounted on the Hase Pino and storage devices
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Supplier of the mobile phone bicycle mounting system
Supplier of the Ortlieb Dry bags to keep Patch’s gear nice and dry
Supplier of Patch’s camping gear including (MSR, Exped and Sea to Summit)
Supplier of the Aspera Mobile phone
Supplier of the incredible  t-shirts that Patch and Travis will use for communication
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Supplier of Mountain Designs down sleeping bag to keep Patch warm at night
Thanks for inspiring our team Joe and for your assistance at the start of our journey
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Supplier of Samsung Tablet for Communication
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Thanks to the team at Albury BCF for supplying the Outdoor Expedition Duffle bags for our flight