Bikes, Camera, Action

As storytellers Fiona and Travis will capture the special relationship they have with their autistic son as they travel by bicycle from coast to coast across America.

Fiona and Travis will capture all of their own cinematography during the three month trip and then work with international film producers and editors to bring it together.  Plotting their own course in an original, unscripted feature length documentary the hope is to outline many of the challenges of adventure travel and bike schooling with a child and make people rethink what is possible.

Fiona and Travis look forward to telling their family’s story and shattering a few myths and misconceptions about disability. They plan to work with autistic people around the world during production to deliver a positive narrative throughout the film.

Filming has already begun but funding will be needed to produce the documentary.

A crowdfunding platform will be established later this year.

Stay tuned for more details on how to play your role in making our community and the world rethink autism.